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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Homes, offices, and commercial buildings need indoor air quality solutions to support a healthy living and working environment. Toxins are everywhere, but when they grow out of control due to mold, moisture, smoke or pet dander, it can be hazardous. The experts at Mold Mob provide quality indoor air quality solutions for all spaces.

At Mold Mob, we are committed to environmentally conscious air quality solutions that help preserve the planet. We don’t use harsh chemicals. The health and safety of your family or employees is always our goal. The products we use in our services are selected with that in mind.


Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality is a concern for many homeowners and businesses. Odors and mold can affect our well-being. With indoor air quality testing from Mold Mob, you can be confident the air you’re breathing is clean and free from impurities




An unsealed crawlspace can affect the whole house. Without an encapsulation system, moisture can gather, compromising building materials and leading to the growth of mold and mildew. Your crawlspace is a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, cockroaches, insect parts, and dust mites, which are linked to asthma and allergies. Crawlspace/Basement encapsulations solves this poor air quality problem and can reduce your energy bills.

Mold Mob vs. Competitor

Mold Mob

Contains plant based enzymes.

Catalytic, keeps on working.

Breaks down allergenic proteins in spores.

Fine spray application reaches everywhere.

Helps prevent growth.

No demolition needed.

48 Hour start to finish


Most are synthetic chemicals.



Very reactive. Energy used up instantly



Demolition and tear out is very common.


Several weeks of demo and construction.

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